ten: colorado sunrises.

boulder, colorado. somewhere between 5 and 6am.

I’m not sure what it is about Colorado, but the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen have been out there. Although I’ve seen my fair share of Manhattan sunrises that come up over the East River before exploding over the city, they just don’t have the same fire of those I’ve witnessed in Boulder. Perhaps, it’s because the sunrises I’ve seen in Manhattan are the ones that are transpiring as I’m just coming home reeking of vodka and still sweaty from dancing all night, although one would think that would make them spectacular in their own right. However, they’re just not the same.

It must be something about the mountains, the air or the way the clouds glide over the up and down terrain. Or maybe none of the above.

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  1. I am always a great fan of bloggers that love what they do and I have to say I really enjoyed this article. Thank you

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