twelve: tiburon sunset.

tiburon sunset. december 2009.

This is the way the sky looked when we boarded the ferry from Tiburon back to San Francisco. I was in town visiting my friend, Erin. My father had lived in Tiburon for a bit in the early 1970’s to recover from a break-up he had with my mother, so I felt it only fitting that I see where it was he went to recuperate.

I was out there trying to do the same thing after all.

When my father finally returned back East, my mother and he continued their tumultuous love affair, and eventually married. I am the product of two people who have been in love since they were 16 years old and who were off and on for almost two decades before they finally got it right. Although my mother temporarily married another, it ultimately didn’t keep my parents apart.

Fate, I think is the word for such things. Well, that and the fact that like me, my father is crazy.


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