sixteen: “I don’t want love (peter’s version)” by the antlers.

houston street. february 2012.

This is what a sunset over Houston Street looks like in 2012. These were what cabs looked like, stop lights and the clouds. I was on my way to the J train when I took this. I was listening to “I Don’t Want Love” by The Antlers. It was warmer than it should be for a February day, but my feet were still cold.

I had forgotten what spring feels like.

My complexion needs some color. Today it was 64 degrees in Barcelona. A month from today I’ll just be arriving in Barcelona. Like I said, my complexion needs some color.

“I Don’t Want Love”

You wanna climb up the stairs,
I wanna push you back down.
But I let you inside,
So you can push me around.

If I leave before you,
And I walk out alone,
Keep your hands to yourself
When you follow me home.

I don’t want love.
I don’t want love.

We wake up with pounding heads,
Bruised down below.
I should have built better walls,
Or slept in my clothes.

So if I see you again,
Desperate and stoned,
Keep your prison locked up,
And I will leave my gun at home.

I don’t want love.
I don’t want love.

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