twenty: le marais.

rue du temple. paris. january 2010.

The first time I went to Paris I lived in a flat on Rue des Gravilliers in le Marais. It stretches across the 3rd and 4th arrondissements on the Rive Droite of the Seine. The flat was modest, lacked a television and was pretty much just a mattress on the floor… it was perfect. Every morning I awoke to the bells of Notre Dame and fell asleep to the piano playing of the composer who lived next door.

When I return to Paris next week, I will be living in the 16th arrondissement. It’s less central, but is one of the few arrondissements I have yet to explore.

“Quelqu’un M’a Dit” by Carla Bruni:

J’entends encore la voix, mais je ne vois plus les traits
“Il vous aime, c’est secret, lui dites pas que je vous l’ai dit”
Tu vois, quelqu’un m’a dit…


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