twenty-one: “all lovers hell” by kristofer åström.

williamsburg. 2011.

I once knew a Swedish boy. The only thing I’m left with from knowing him is this pain in my chest and a bunch of Swedish musicians I probably wouldn’t have found on my own. For that I’m grateful… and probably for the pain in my chest, too.

He used to play this song quite a bit, as well as “Queen of Sorrow,” also by Kristofer. But we can cover that one in a later post.

“All Lovers Hell” by Kristofer Åström:

She told the news to me, a planted part of me
Not to fully grow to show a way of what could be
I asked her to be true, she said I love you too
Her eyes were sad and I recall somebody asked do you?

  1. amanda said:

    I’m going to assume that you were drunk when you wrote this and emailed me…

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