twenty-eight: “the clearing” by arab strap.

somewhere in montana. august 2010.

“The Clearing” by Arab Strap was the first song I ever heard by them. It’s from their 1996 debut album, The Week Never Starts Around Here. Although the concept album is brilliant in its entirety, it’s this particular song, because it was my first (and you never forget your first), that I adore most. I’ve been mad for them ever since.

I adore, but I ignore her.
See, I know it won’t last as I reflect upon my past.
But on severance she makes no difference.
There’s things I won’t let her know, as we’re perfecting our show.
I won’t ignore her – I think I’ll phone her.
I can’t explore her if I ignore her.

And now the things that used to turn me off I find endearing.
And they laugh behind the trees as she lies naked in the clearing.

*”The Clearing” by Arab Strap:

*(it should always been listened to very loudly with headphones)


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