forty-four: springtime in new york.

all that remains of billy's antiques and props on houston and the bowery. 12 april 2012.

It’s hard not to love the spring in New York. Everything and everyone wakes up and the world feels like it’s full of possibility. Even when it rains, it still has this sensation of promise. It’s strange.

Billy’s Antiques and Props was a staple in the city that represented old New York. But as the Bowery becomes more and more gentrified, places like Billy’s now longer have a home. It saddens me that I’m part of that gentrification. I would have loved to roam the East Village and the Lower East Side in the 70’s and 80’s when it was sketchy and cabs wouldn’t even come down here. Now the scariest thing are the “bridge and tunnel” folks on the weekends with their puka necklaces and Jersey Shore hair. That shit keeps me up at night.

I love “Springtime in New York,” by Jonathan Richman. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s singing about my neighborhood. I swear.


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