eighty-eight: “95 north” and “post prom disorder” by ida.

lake winnipesaukee. nh. 02 september 2012.

Ida’s I Know About You, came out in 1996. By the time I got to college it was already a couple years old, but to me it was new.

I was just back from winter break and was making my way through the CDs in the stacks of WUNH, as a brand new college DJ with the rookie slot of 2am to 6am, when I came across the album. Having had driven Route 95 both north and south to get to my boyfriend at the time who was in art school in Boston a hundred times, I was immediately drawn to the song listed on the back “95 North.”

I put it on somewhere between 3 and 4 am that morning and fell in love instantly. It has remained one of my most favorite songs to this day. I was often lectured by the music director for playing it too much. I guess he didn’t have the affinity for Route 95 like I did.

After the first time we kissed
I drove for an hour in the wrong direction

Frozen in the winter wind
Where nothing could ever begin
I saw you

You were shining like a brand new sun
Shining starlight
For me
For you and me, my love

Pass a junkyard on the left
Time to catch my breath
Almost to the out-of-state line
Oh, it’ll be better
This time, this time

But unfortunately, trying to find a link for “95 North” is a lost cause. So instead, I give you my second favorite song by Ida, “Post Prom Disorder.”

Some days are heavy and some days are mean
Some days fall somewhere in between
Today I would like to tear you apart at the seams

Taking a plane is the worst kind of day
Holding your breath in the sky
You should never write a letter that high

Speaking my mind is not what i do best
But I have to get this all off my chest
Open this window and hope that these words will fly

But hey what does it matter now
Cause turning back pages is not something time will allow
But wait I never got to say
You were digging into me and then you just got away

So how can you say that I’m wasting time
After all of the years I have spent trying to fill up the hole
That you left sitting there in my heart

And I’m taking it back
And I’m making it mine
I am still trying

Oh ohhhh oh

Some days are heavy and some days are mean
Some days fall somewhere in between, in between


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