ninety-three: phil elverum.

mount eerie. le poisson rouge. 16 september 2012.

I saw Mount Eerie last night. No matter if he calls himself The Microphones or Mount Eerie, Phil Elverum is a near-perfect musician.

The last time I saw him play live I was in college. I was Events Coordinator at our college radio station and it was my goal to bring him (he went by The Microphones then) to our campus. It wasn’t a huge turn out, but the intimacy of the show outweighed the fact that we went way over budget to get him there. That was about 10 years ago.

Last night, Elverum was just as great live as I remembered him. Still shy and a wee bit awkward, but now he was pudgier than he was in his earlier 20’s and the sides of his hair were grey. But still, he played a heavenly show… his voice still painfully haunting and sounding just as sweet as it did when he was 22.

“I Walked Home Beholding” from his new album Ocean Roar:

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